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This is the section where we review other soccer betting websites. All sites will be given a rating from one to 5 stars (5 stars being excellent - 1 stars being pants). Please note the opinions expressed in the reviews are those of the individual author and not necessarily those of BetInfo. If you feel that a particular review has been unfair in anyway please contact the site and we will post your comments next to the review. If you would like your site to be reviewed, or if you would like to post a review of a site on this page, please contact us. As we've got several European ties in midweek, I've focussed on a site which I think is one of the most useful for getting the low down on the less well known European sides - International Soccer Server.

International Soccer Server

Review by Beesfan40

Category: Results and Tables

Review written: 15/09/02


I really didn't want to get the review section underway by giving two 5 star ratings in two weeks, but that's exactly what I'm going to do here. International Soccer Server has been going since 1994 and is simply one of those must see sites for people who are serious about soccer betting.

Essentially this is one big data site, as it provides league tables and results from just about every country that seriously plays football. The layout is clear and precise and the data suprisingly quick to download. The three main options on the homepage are: National Leagues, National Cups and Miscellaneous. From here it is possible to view up to date data for just about every league and serious competition there is. As well as league tables and latest results, it is also possible to view home and away records and form tables too. The strength of this site is not only is up to date data, but also its accuracy – I use this site just about everyday, but have never found an error. International football is also catered for by this site, with up to date European Championship data and results from many previous international competitions.

It's hard to fault this site – ok its functional rather than pretty, but where else can I find up to date data for the Faroe Isles domestic league? This site is worthy of a 5 star rating, simply because it's the best website of its type that I have seen. An essential bookmark.


Review by Beesfan40

Review Written: 09/09/02

Category: Free Picks Site


This site is primarily a free picks site, offering some other useful features. The layout is good – nice and simple, easy to navigate round and with non-of the ultra fancy, ages to download graphics that make some similar sites a pain to use.

Footy4cast is divided into 6 main sections – Picks, Sponsors, Results, Links, Forum and Articles. The sponsors section is pretty much what you'd expect, but the links section is good, offering a gateway to loads of soccer betting sites. One small criticism you could raise here is that the links are not categorized in anyway. So, if for example you just wanted to look at free pick sites you would have to click on every link to see what each site actually does. This coupled with the redundant forum button is the only real negative you could level at the site.

The Articles section, however, is excellent with several really useful snippets of information. There's a lot on betting systems and useful tools and I personally found the article on European Derbies to be particularly useful. One of the most amusing pieces in this section of the site, had to be a review of the site by a rival site – rating Footy4cast as 1/10. These deranged rantings are made to look totally ridiculous by the best part of the site – the picks section. Just casting your eyes over the Results page shows impressive month by month yield figures and by and large, the picks are first rate.

What really makes this site stand out for me is the excellent analysis, which accompanies each pick. There's nothing more infuriating to me, then loading up a pick site with a supposedly good record and finding just the pick with no reasoning or justification for it, but rest assured this doesn't happen on this site. The picks are drawn from around Europe with the guest tipster focussing solely on UK football. Bets range from 1 units all the way up to 25 units and are a mixture of sure bets and value bets. All the bets are proofed by SystemSearch, but I can tell you myself that if you regularly follow the picks on this site, you will not only get a steady rate of return, but you will also get a greater rate of return than some of the subscription sites (see the Football-Data Website if you don't believe me).

Overall, this Website is definitely worth bookmarking as the picks are so consistently good. I suppose one of the highest tributes I can pay is that it's one of the first sites I look at on Saturday morning, before I place any bets. Highly Recommended.